Passenger terminals for RED buses


The project seeks to provide passenger terminals to the public transport system, guaranteeing their availability to the system and allowing bus routes to be tendered on equal terms and avoid the current distortions. The selection of operators should be based on service and cost efficiency parameters, not on their location. At the same time, Desarrollo País will be able to use the terminals of the transport hubs for future development of relevant urban infrastructure, such as roadway interconnection points to link different transport systems (interurban, metro, rural, etc.).


Metropolitan Region


380,000 sq. m. of land



UF 3.7 MM



  • Ensure availability of terminals for the metropolitan public transport system.
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of transport infrastructure, improving connectivity and access to urban services and facilities.
  • Develop commercial spaces and services in strategic terminals, bringing urban infrastructure to areas with significant deficit.

Business Model

Desarrollo Pais acquires the terminals and rents them to the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, which in turn will entrust them under bailment agreements to the respective operators. In the medium term, by raising financial resources, Desarrollo País will be able to leverage the terminals previously acquired without debt to purchase more terminals in order to fulfil the objectives described above.

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