Mixed-use project that includes an apartment building aimed at social integration housing rental (rental with DS-52 subsidy and at the market price), commercial license, multipurpose spaces for municipal facilities and an esplanade for public space. The initial prefeasibility comprises a built-up area of approximately 10,000 square meters, including 115 housing units.




Around 10,000 sq. m. built-up area



UF 400,000



  • Generate supply of protected rental in well-located land, with access to transport systems and services.
  • Expand housing supply through public-private partnerships.
  • Play a part in social integration and territorial equity.

Business Model

Once Desarrollo País has acquired the land, it will make it available for the development of the project described above, through a public-private partnership process. The use of an ad hoc concession contract (different from the one provided for in DS 900) is foreseen for the design, construction, maintenance and administration of the infrastructure to be built, based on public tender procedures to be determined for this purpose, which must guarantee competitiveness and equal conditions among bidders.

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