City Infrastructure

Both in Santiago and in regional capitals, many government agencies often rent facilities which are in a bad state, with inadequate conditions, inefficient use of space and physically fragmented throughout the city, which not only affects productivity and efficiency of services, but also makes it difficult to serve the public. In addition, these rental contracts involve a significant and recurring expense to the Treasury. Against this background, Desarrollo País is promoting a portfolio of office building projects for rental to government agencies throughout Chile, with the purpose of not only making public spending more efficient, but also contributing to the modernization of the State with innovative and collaborative work spaces that facilitate the materialization of the objectives of the government agencies involved.

Also, in the face of the pressing housing deficit in the country, we have sought to implement housing rental business models that have been successful in developed countries, bringing users closer to consolidated community centers, taking advantage of existing services, and developing financial models based on public-private partnerships.